The JERROY trademark includes a wide range of high-quality, reliable pipe fittings. The JERROY product line offers water, steam and gas ball valves, fittings, filters and pressure relief valves. High-quality workmanship, reliability and durability are hallmarks of the products of the German company Krutwerh GmbH.

The company’s production is certified under ISO 9001 international quality management standards. All products meet European CE standards. With their quality and reliability, versatility and diversity, the company’s products have successfully proven themselves on Europe’s regional markets.



Top-quality CW617N brass used in manufacturing JERROY™ pipe fittings is responsible for the valves’ strength, temperature and pressure resistance, and resistance to mechanical stresses caused by installing the valves and operating them at workflow overpressure. This prevents breakdown of the valves and the appearance of cracks and fractures on the casing throughout the long service life under a variety of conditions and pressure and temperature ranges in the operating medium.

The outer valve casing is nickel plated, and the ball lock is chrome plated. Sealing elements made of wear-resistant 4/PTFE fluoropolymer and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) make JERROY ball valves leak-tight.


The valve design protects the casing from breakage both during installation and operation. JERROY valves have structural reinforcement at the threaded coupling, which according to statistics is the “weakest point” of ball valves.

During operation, the packing gland can be tightened with the adjusting nut. The valves are designed with the pin on the inside of the casing rather than on the outside. Thus, even when at substantial overpressure and with the adjusting nut completely loose, the pin cannot escape.

The use of Teflon seals with a special graphite additive is a key design feature of the gas valves. This guarantees that JERROY valves are resistant to the probable effect of dispersed volatile oils present in gaseous media. In addition to hot water supply lines, JERROY gas valves may also be used in compressed air and gas supply systems, which is proof of the valves’ compliance with enhanced requirements for leakproofness and resistance to chemical additives and volatile oils that may be present in gaseous media.


The valves may be used in systems with wide temperature limits from –20 to 110 C and an operating pressure up to 2.5 MPa; at the same time, JERROY ball valves have a service life of at least 20 000 “open-close” cycles or 50 years of continuous operation.


JERROY ball valve handles are wedge-shaped due to expansion of the top part of their side faces. This modification of the valve handle surface provides a longer moment arm, which considerably reduces the effort required to open and close the valve. The uniqueness of the T-shaped handle, or so-called “butterfly” handle, of JERROY valves is protected by patents.
A steel lever with an extremely low-conductivity PVC coating 1-1.3 mm thick in the functional area is another option for valve handles that is generally used on large diameter valves. The distance from the lever to the valve is greater than similar parameters for most other valves. This protects the handle from temperature effects and possible mechanical damage during operation.


The stylized JERROY logo and the color and shape of the handles are the key identifying features of the valves.
A hologram sticker with an image of the JERROY logo and name is placed on the handles of original JERROY valves.
A series of symbols and markings are also placed on a JERROY valve casing: the marking for CW617N brass, information on the pressure rating (PN), and the nominal diameter (DN). You may also see a four-digit number indicating the month and year of manufacture on the valve casing.