LeistagThe LEISTAG trademark includes a wide range of high-quality, modern faucets in various versions and for different purposes:

LEISTAG faucets are manufactured to European quality standards and the latest design solutions. Production is certified under ISO 9001 international quality management standards. The products meet European CE standards.

With their quality and reliability, versatility and diversity, the company’s products have successfully proven themselves on Europe’s regional markets.



LEISTAG faucet casings, spouts, wheels, cams and stems are made of high-quality CW614N brass to ensure product reliability. Some faucet models are equipped with a high-quality flexible connector. The connector’s inner tube is made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber (a so-called non-toxic resin). This material does not release harmful substances on contact with water, and thus is permitted for use in drinking water supply systems. The high temperature resistance of this rubber guarantees a long service life for the connector.

LEISTAG bath and shower faucets have a showerhead with a flexible hose with “double lock” braiding, which greatly increases the durability of the hose. The hose braiding is made of AISI304 stainless steel, and the connection fittings are made of chromed brass. Showerhead wall brackets are also made of chromed brass.
This ensures high corrosion resistance and guarantees a long service life for the products. A modern chrome plating technique makes the surface of the products resistant to mechanical damage and preserves its attractive appearance for a long time.


Ceramic cartridges from the Spanish company Sedal, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of faucet components, are used in single-lever LEISTAG faucets. These cartridges have proven themselves as reliable and durable faucet elements.
The cartridge design has been specially developed for low-pressure water distribution systems and mixes hot and cold flows perfectly even at low pipe pressure down to 0.2 atm. Water is mixed in a “buffer” chamber until it flows directly into the valve, allowing the faucet to precisely adjust the water temperature under low pressure in the pipes.


LEISTAG faucets are equipped with an aerator with unique characteristics specially developed by Krutwerh’s engineers.
Using this aerator in LEISTAG German faucets:

Thus, the characteristics of LEISTAG faucets make them stand out among premium class faucets on the market.


Ceramic seals for gate faucets have a special graphite coating that significantly increases wear resistance and reduces friction.
Ceramic disc cartridges are polished by ultrasound, giving them a flawless smooth surface. Their snug fit with one another prevents leakage.


The huge selection of LEISTAG faucets lets the buyer choose the right type of faucet for any interior.


Before packaging, all products undergo functional tests of working parts and leak tests in the closed state on special benches under pressure. LEISTAG products have a service life of more than 15 years, provided that the installation and operating rules are followed.

Website: http://leistag.com